Making of a Blogger


I remember the first day, when I started writing my blog, and believe me it looks like a herculean task to me. I was stuck in thinking, thinking and thinking….

Finally, after a couple of days, I decided to take the next step by picking up pen & paper to write down my initial thoughts. I started self-analysis first, with few typical questions in mind, Can I able to write a blog? How can I start writing a blog? How to organize content?

Major roadblocks before starting a blog

  • First of all, I am technical guy & not much talkative person by nature
  • I do love to speak if and only if some technical details need to be explained
  • I might not be good at expressing my feelings in words like management guys, maybe they gain mastery as it’s the part of their everyday job 😉
  • I am not a professional writer to organize my thoughts in simple words so that everyone can easily understand

blah blah blah…..

Well, all above-listed challenges made me nervous and a bit depressed. Although I know all these thoughts are working as a blocker for me, but one thing always encourage me to go ahead is my intense desire to share my technical experience, so that others can take benefit of it. And I found blogging is the best medium for it.

I don’t know what will be the next step but what I know is,

There’s a first time for everthing!

This quote motivates everyone who tries something new first time, right? same holds true with me 🙂

Yes, that’s true. We generally forgot or never realized that we went through this “first experience” multiple times in our life.

For example, when we start learning cycling or driving, We all might be gone through the same learning process which includes fear, low confidence…etc.

Of course, such learning process always motivates you to keep doing your practice and help you to gain some confidence. Yes, blog writing is almost similar.

All right, so what’s next?

So, I joined the driving school 🙂 … Bad Joke, but that’s true. Driving school for exploring my blogging skills. Please don’t get confused, It means I started attending workshops, sessions reading blogs and articles for taking tips and tricks from experts and try to adopt it.

Let me share some details which I accumulated from different resources & experts, hope this will help you too.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Simple Formula to Follow Before & After publish a blog?

Observations, analysis and research are the foundation of your blog success!

Before Publish

  1. Get idea based on your observations, analysis & research
  2. Understand your target audience
  3. Organize your thoughts or ideas on paper or notepad
  4. Choose a good & meaningful title
  5. Write introduction paragraph which connects readers to the context
  6. Revise contents, format it, correct all grammar & spell errors with the help of any spell checker tool.
  7. Add good quality visual pictures, which must be relevant to the topic
  8. Cross verify content accuracy in case any research-oriented things need to be publish
  9. Optimize for SEO, use proper keywords, meta data, page title & headings
  10. Do some review from the third person

After Publish

  1. Post your blog on social media
  2. Keep answering all the comments & queries
  3. Be a gentleman and response to all the positive & negative queries politely
  4. Always ask for suggestions & improve your blog quality accordingly
  5. Keep sharing it with your other blogger friends

You’ve done it.


One recommendation from me, please keep doing your practice & keep blogging.


Practice is the best of all instructors.