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My Cybage Story (From 2009 to 2011)

After serving my 4 years and 7 months with my first organization(Vidushi Infotech SSP Pvt Ltd), I moved on to gain more knowledge and expertise for my professional and personal growth by joining 2nd Organization “Cybage Software Pvt Ltd,Pune”. Where I did quite a few experimentation and learned many new things.

Digital River” is a big project assigned to me by Cybage which is having multiple platforms and multiple technologies like PHP, Java and Perl. As it is client based service, I needed to do work almost in all those technology.  Here is place where I come across most UI related stuff which made me very excited to do more in this area. While working with these projects I was attracted towards UI stuff, I played with UI code by using jQuery, Ajax, CSS and Object oriented JavaScript. This was the time when I decided to specialize in UI technology.  Based on my personal interest in UI, I was looking for opportunity where I can do more R&D on UI.  Finally I joined “PubMatic” who give me opportunity to do more in UI.

Digital River consist of multiple platforms like SWReg, RegNow, element5,ESellerate,Share-it, …etc

It was further divided into two categories.

  1. Vendor
  2. Affiliate

Refer below Screen shots for the same.

digitalRiver             Affiliate

vendor                element 5 Control Panel 2013-12-07 03-24-39

My Role & Responsibilities

  1. Enhancement on RegNow and SwReg Modules which includes server side modification along with UI integration.
  2. Leading Team of 3 Engineers for different platform like ESellerate and element5.
  3. Client communication, for requirement understanding and information gathering.
  4. Reporting to POC and Manager about team status.
  5. Leading team as QC (Quality Control) CMMI process awareness program.

Challenges I Faced:

  1. Learning curve for adopting new technology like Perl language for new enhancement in perl based projects.
  2. Understanding large E commerce Digital River Platforms.
  3. Facing Client communication for critical technical escalations, and solve it on high priorities.


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