@Pitney Bowes Software

(From March 2015 to 2016)

After gaining some mature experience on backbone marionette at SunGard AS, I was looking to explore knowledge on angularJs which is  tremendously  growing in market within short period of time.

Compared to backboneJs “angualr.js” features attracted me to dig a bit more into it and fortunately pitney bowes support me to take this opportunity as UI team lead and by forming new UI Team for  upcoming planned projects on road map. I was really very excited to start work on it, So here again I started my new  journey by considering learning curve for angular.js.

My Goodness 🙂 , I got chance to work on product development from scratch, Wow great feeling! ..  my past experience help me alot to take this opportunity on my shoulders and making myself perfect in new technology. I was the first UI guy recruited  for this project in team so lot of things to understand in terms of domain, product’s knowledge and technology  adoption,  almost everything new for me to get started , excluding few things 🙂

I started taking interviews for my team which was again really  a great experience, I would write separate blog for it in future,  anyway so we recruited few smart UI folks who are having very great experience in front-end engineering and I really impressed with the technical knowledge they gain within 3 to  4 years of total job experience.

While taking interviews I observed one thing about the candidates , lack of core and advanced JavaScript knowledge. you believe me or not , candidates who were having large experience in UI were very poor in Object Oriented JavaScript concepts whereas candidates having 3 to 4 years of experience possess very great knowledge in front-end engineering, which is really surprising !

Now I am ready with my team to jump into the angular world, GET…, SET … and GO…………….

As we started working on it,  day by day we are getting a new learning experience.

As team we are working with US team and we learned a lot of things from them, even though they are also new with technology, their way of coding  is quite impressive.

We are using below technology stack in our application

  1. Angular
  2. TypeScript
  3. Bower
  4. Gulp
  5. Node

We follow the JOHN PAPA, Angular Style Guide for more details you can refer below link


After finishing AngularJs learning curve, Moved in another organisation where I have been asked to develop OTT platform from scratch new technical stack as UI architect,
This looks a challenging and interesting task for me and I planned to move from pitney Bowes to new Organization.

Awards & Achievements


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