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My First Job Story (From 2005 to 2009)

Vidushi Infotech was formed in 2003 in Pune an emerging IT center of India by a group of talented individuals with a vision to dedicating their knowledge and expertise to help create a world that is enhanced through Information Technology.

I started my web development carrier at “Vidushi Infotech SSP Pvt Ltd” in 2005 using Classical ASP3.0, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and grow up by adopting new technologies like JQuery, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL.

How did we do web development there?

From the scratch, we used to take client approved PSD from our designer team; cropped it in pieces using Photoshop or image ready to convert it into optimized hand coded HTML and CSS layout.

Initially we created table base layout where we came across lots of issues related to web page rendering across multiple browsers; after few months we found better approach using div based layouts.

In those days browser compatibility was the biggest issue, as new IE versions were launched in the market, it was literally painful phase for web development community to solve browser related issues. For most of the projects we tried to follow W3C standards as best practices and cross verify each HTML page via W3C validator.

As the business of our organization grew, clients became more demanding, each client would demand for simple and user friendly CMS tools which will help them to manage the web content.

Even though there were so many open source PHP based CMS products available in the market, none of them would fit clients need of simplicity. By considering all basic requirements I took the initiative to develop CMS product for customers who could use it without any technical education about the product.

Apart from the office time, I utilized my extra time to make that CMS and released it in market on behalf of my organization, and to our surprise it became very popular among lots of international clients, they started to purchase it.

And that was the turning point of my career. I got appreciation from superiors and clients, which lead me to new roles and responsibilities. I got promoted from Trainee Software Engineer to Sr. Software Engineer and after couple of months later; I became a “Team Lead”.

It was really a memorable experience, where I enjoyed working with team, and solving client issues by discussing with them live, I used to do marketing of CMS product with our marketing team, I was involved with our design team to suggest them the best UX approaches and good UX designs, which helped to deliver quality product and made our client happy.

With the help of our CMS product named “Blaze” & BlazeNv,  BlazeNv is simple CMS product with only few basic functionality and Blaze is Advanced dynamic CMS product.

we started delivering the web sites by integrating html,CSS,JavaScript into product PHP code, and make website live within few days with very less development efforts. it increase our productivity in very large extends.

I developed so many CMS and E commerce projects at vidushiInfotech SSP Pvt Ltd below are the few  sample projects we worked on using our product, out of which few projects are fully customized.

  1. http://www.hope.or.jp/
  2. http://www.search-local.biz/
  3. http://www.sportsmanq8.com/
  4. http://www.brightmile.com/
  5. http://www.dressingforsuccess.co.uk/
  6. http://www.ptgroup.com.sa/
  7. http://www.alrashed.travel/……and more

Refer below Screenshot of my projects

Admin Login
Admin Login

CMS product
CMS product

Web Design Cornwall Portfolio 2013-12-07 19-21-54 Sportsman Kuwait 2013-12-07 19-25-42 ptgroup Clothing and colour advice for your personal shopping from Dressing for Success. 2013-12-07 19-22-54 HopeInterNational_Japanes HOPE International Development Agency - Japan 2013-12-07 04-02-21


Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Leading Team of 5+ Engineers.
  2. Code Review, and Code Revamp of old code.
  3. Developing new and customized CMS and E commerce products for clients according to their need.
  4. Client Communication, Promoting and educating the new CMS products to clients.
  5. Taking interviews, training to new joining in team, conducting knowledge sharing sessions.

Challenges I Faced:

  1. Layout integration with product code , by applying W3c Standards and Solving Cross browser capability related Issues.
  2. Providing Multi-languages support to CMS products specially for eCommerce web sites.
  3. Dealing with multiple Client calls.
  4. Multiple project delivery within short time.
  5. Making new customized product according to the client requirement.

Awards & Achievements 

Best Team Award,

Thanks to all KPO team members, one of the best team I worked with 🙂
#Dattatray Gaikwad ,
#Neelesh Gour
#Akshay Lalgunkar
#Rahul Joshi
#Raju Prasad
#Sheetalkumar Arabole
#Hrushikesh Mukharji


3 thoughts on “@Vidushi Infotech

  1. Great sir, I remember the consistency with which we were delivering solutions to end customers. It was a great learning curve.

  2. Great story from a great performer. I am happy that I have witnessed the enthusiasm you have shown towards the quality work you delivered. Cheers and blessings for future.

  3. It was great experience at starting of my career with Vidushi. I learnt such things with Vidushi which are still useful in my IT career journey. Imran and team was doing great work. Such a great work at the beginning of career.

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