@vuclip (viu) PCCW Media Company

From July 2016 to till date

After finishing AngularJs experience, I got opportunity to work on consumer based application which was already build in Angular JS, Gulp single page application tech stack.

I continued with existing angular application understanding which was develop by vendor, I was the the first UI Engineer hired for viu.com in vuclip organisation.

Now It has been asked by business stakeholders to take over all ownership and continue to build the new UI architecture and given full authority to me for taking any technical stack decisions.
This is very exciting for me but also a big responsibility to evaluate right tech stack and full fill all the business requirement accordingly.
Hence my journey in vuclip started in this flow.

and I applied standard process to evaluate the right tech stack from requirement information gathering , Design discussion to final implementation.

Let me highlight direct point to showcase here by excluding all the process related phase.

Here are the problem statement based on existing single page application

1 – SEO
2 – Performance
3 – Scalability & Maintenance
4 – Configurability

After POC’s and evaluation phase, we conclude to go ahead with below tech stack

1- ReactJS
2- Node.JS
3- Webpack

I will cover in detail development phase journey in upcoming blog, this information to just set context about my role and responsibility in vuclip.

Awards & Achievements

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